you can’t let go…can you?

Turns out letting go isn’t a question of ability. It’s a question of willingness. You CAN let go. But are you willing?

Most of us hold on to things much longer than we need to or want to. That creates a clutter of things that we don’t really want taking up valuable space in our homes and our minds. It also makes it harder for us to find and enjoy the things we DO love and want.

So why do we tell ourselves we can’t let go? Because our brains prefer the familiar.

In my ideal future I have plenty of space for things that I love, so I reprogrammed my brain. Here’s how…

I followed my coaching program from The Life Coach School. I sifted through things, pulling them out of closets, deciding what to keep and what to let go.

I asked myself 3 questions about each item:
1) Do you love it?
2) Is it serving you?
3) Is it current or outdated?

When I answered “no” or “outdated” I’d follow up with a reason to keep things, especially the sentimental stuff. I was resisting change. The more I thought I couldn’t let go, the sadder I became. I brought myself to tears…

Then I realized that I really WANTED to let go, but I was scared of what my future would be like without my closet chocked full of familiar things. What if I needed that old webcam from 3 years ago? Or the shirt my late partner picked out?

More than I wanted to hold on, I wanted to make space for new things, things that I don’t even know what they are yet, things that I could fall in love with all over again.

If you could find the willingness to let go of everything you don’t need, don’t love, or can replace with a more current version… you just might find space to fall in love with something new. That’s worth a tear or two.

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