what’s ELDOA?

ELDOA refers to a revolutionary corrective exercise created by a French osteopath named Dr. Guy Voyer.

This French acronym translates to LOADS, or “Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching.”

Dr. Voyer invented nearly one hundred ELDOA positions that affect different joints, including positions for every individual disc in the spine.

Practitioners actively create opposing lines of tension from their toes to the top of their head for 60 seconds.

The body can learn to maintain space made during eldoas on its own over time. This is how we affect the root cause of pain, instead of continually treating symptoms.

Techniques born in Paris and got here as fast as they could…

Dr. Guy Voyer TeachingJessica teaches functional exercise techniques invented by Dr. Guy Voyer D.O., a French M.D., osteopath, and physiotherapist. Dr. Voyer is famous for creating ELDOA and many more cutting-edge corrective exercises like Myofascial Stretching.

Dr. Voyer spent his life learning about the body to create healing modalities that empower people to heal themselves and professionals to help them do so. He understands that people can resolve their imbalances by respecting how the body moves naturally.

Dr. Voyer has nearly 35 years of experience working with athletes. He travels around the world teaching seminars to coaches and healthcare professionals.


About The ELDOA Method

About ELDOA inventor, Dr. Voyer

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ELDOA in action

Try ELDOA for yourself! Follow along with Mark’s cues while I demonstrate ELDOA for the disc between the L5/S1 vertebrae.