what the fascia?

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It’s time to define my favorite F-word — FASCIA! You may have heard the word fascia from your massage therapist, personal trainer, or health-nut friend (me!). Fascia sticks to our muscles better than it’s definition sticks in our minds. So here is your high-level overview of fascia from my three years of studying corrective exercise. […]

what is eldoa?

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ELDOA refers to a revolutionary corrective exercise created by a French osteopath named Dr. Guy Voyer. This French acronym translates to LOADS, or “Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching.” Dr. Voyer invented nearly one hundred ELDOA positions that affect different joints, including positions for every individual disc in the spine. Practitioners actively create opposing lines of tension from […]

eldoa, is that yoga?

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Yep, it’s like Yoga but not. Eldoa complements Yoga and many other fitness routines that don’t target the deep spinal muscles that improve posture. Yoga adds mental relaxation through global movements and sometimes meditative sequences. Choosing the best exercise for you depends on what is most important for you and your body. Maybe it’s weight […]