future focused

1) Where will you be in 2030 if nothing changes in your life? 2) Where do you WANT to be in 2030 if you could create your future on purpose? Most of us don’t realize we can create our future on purpose. A few years ago I had a job I liked well enough. I liked a lot of what I did, the mission, and the income. Something still didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t know what it was until I started asking myself the two questions above. Naturally, I started over-thinking what I really wanted. I’d worry about every worst case, what-if scenario that could happen. That’s what over-thinking the future is like. It keeps you stuck trying to solve problems you don’t even have right now. So I made a Vision Guide to keep my brain on track while deciding what type of future I really wanted. I made it about a year ago and I’ve used it every quarter (3 months) since then. I give the guide to all my coaching clients so they can use it too. Every time I ask myself the questions in the Vision Guide I get more and more clear and specific about the type of future I want to create. I don’t just want I job I like that pays well. I want to build *my own* business where I can help solopreneurs stop over-thinking and start realizing what they want the most, then make a plan and take massive action until they get there. I want to teach by coaching – that came up again and again in the Vision Guide until it was totally undeniable. I’ll be sharing the Vision Guide on my website but until I do, I want to give it away for FREE right now to anyone who wants it! Comment 🙋‍♀️ if you want to get your copy of the Vision Guide to be more FUTURE FOCUSED in the 2020’s… and beyond! Watch my video on this topic! 👇

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