Saturday, February 16

Public Lofts | 4361 South Congress

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Want to check out brand new lofts on South Congress? Feeling stiff from dreary winter days? Relieve tightness and stiffness at this private workshop gone public!

Public Lofts will host this event in their brand new yoga & meditation studio on the top floor overlooking the St. Elmo District.

You’ll know more fascia-nating facts than your friends after I offer an overview of what fascia is and how it works. Then tight, stiff muscles will melt as I guide you through myofascial stretches and eldoa – exercises that engage and lengthen fascia from head-to-toe. You’ll leave feeling longer and looser!

Originally only open to loft-owners, you can sneak into one of six remaining spots only available to my personal network.

>>>Email to join!

What does fascia look like?

How does fascia move? What does it do? Take a stroll under the skin and learn about fascia in the video below. As we begin to understand fascia, we can also understand chronic pain and patterns of physical imbalances. We feel mobile and move with ease when our fascia can “slide” as shown here, without being restricted by adhesions.

Past Events

Saturday, January 26 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

What the Fascia?! Workshop

Learn what fascia is made of, what makes it tight and how to release fascia on your own at home using different tools and techniques. We’ll explore myofascial release, myofascial stretching, and introduce eldoa exercises created by an osteopath.

This workshop will teach you special tips and tricks to give yourself your own, personal deep tissue massage and leave you feeling stretched, restored, relaxed and informed.

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