Who Benefits From Galfas Consulting?

Galfas Consulting works with creative entrepreneurs on a mission to leave their 9-5 for good and create success as their own boss. Our clients experience ROI-driven results while attaining life-long practices to take with them along their enduring professional journey.

Why Galfas Consulting?

You already have the keys. Galfas Consulting simply teaches you how to drive the car. Our team complements your existing skills, experience, and ambition with tools, coaching, and informed decision making. We design our services strategically to provide structure and efficiency where you need it most. What makes us unique? We tackle both personal and professional development in tandem to provide the best results for growth. Learning to grow a new business is hard work. We’re here to navigate the path you’ve already laid on any terrain necessary.

Which Pain Points Will Galfas Consulting Resolve?

The burden of finances:
Money is a stressful topic, especially when it comes to leaving the security of a full-time job to follow your entrepreneurial dreams. Galfas Consulting shows you the way to financial freedom by redirecting emotional roadblocks and installing a fresh framework, so you can focus on growing your business.

Lack of organization or structure:
Enable yourself to accomplish more with less effort. Galfas Consulting helps you level up your project management and time management skills to entirely redefine your day-to-day. These practices instill accountability, reduce stress, increase operational efficiency, and create structure in every area of your professional and personal life.

Lack of resources:
Galfas Consulting trains you to be your business’s best resource, despite the fact that you might be the only one. Your to-do list may be never-ending but you don’t need an entire team to tackle it. If you find yourself wanting extra help, we offer agency-level support from our vetted industry partners to execute on all of your digital marketing needs from website makeovers to complete digital transformations.